Progress on Anthropologie in Downtown Walnut Creek

Way back last December I noted that Anthropologie was “coming soon” to downtown Walnut Creek but since then progress on the construction was going at a snail’s pace for some reason. Now finally construction has picked up significantly with a new sign and framing being done. Hopefully this means it will be finished in time for a fall opening,

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Thanks for the update, I sure do hope it is open for the fall 🙂

  • WC

    It’s fascinating to watch these development. First someone buys the tire store, they gut the place to make it ready for lease to retail. Then a new deal is done, the place is completely gutted for a retail store. It’s great to watch. Look forward to the opening, that corner will look good.

    • They’ve finally stepped up the pace. The HVAC ducts just went in!