Pizza My Heart Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek this Spring


Thanks to a reader for pointing out that Pizza My Heart is coming to downtown Walnut Creek this spring. Their website notes that they will coming to the “corner of Botelho and California” and the address will be 1598 Botelho Dr, which differs slightly from Project Pie’s address 1590 Botelho Dr, but that location makes the most sense since it used to be… a pizza restaurant. Project Pie closed suddenly in October.

Check out their menu here and if you have access to a Walnut Creek address fill out the form on this page for a free t-shirt and, “a certificate for a free pizza slice at the Walnut Creek restaurant when it opens”.

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  • Mieke

    What makes them think this will be better?! A good place would be the empty McDonald’s on California St.

  • Well at the very least I’m getting a free tee-shirt! 😉

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    That is such an odd location, and was perfect when AAA was in that spot, but it tends to be too off to the side to get people over there. Not to mention….Pizza again!! Enough with the pizza!!!

  • Steve Nelson

    They finally have a “now hiring” sign on their door as of a week ago