Pinky’s Pizza to Reopen

As Crazy in Suburbia reported today, Pinky’s Pizza will be reopening this Friday, having closed their original location in 2008 across the street from Trader Joe’s on S. California Blvd. When I dropped by today I got a couple of photos, and although all the windows were blocked out, I peeked in the back entrance and could see the pizza dough being stored in the refrigerators.

Apparently Pinky’s was a real institution back in the day, and having visited a few times a few years ago I can attest to the unique feel the place has. Being originally from New York I can’t say it’s the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, but if atmosphere counts I’d say it was pretty darn good.

Pinky’s Pizza is located at 2085 N. Broadway in Walnut Creek, across from the post office:

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