Pelican Rock Men’s Clothing Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

Pelican Rock, the new men’s clothing store that I noted about last month is now open in downtown Walnut Creek. I checked it out and it has a preppy, yet casual East Coast vibe, stocked with brands like Southern Tide, Gant, and Vineyard Vines, not typically sold around here. Decorated in a cool maritime style, the high ceilings gives it a spacious feel overall.

Check out the inside of the store:

And another inside shot near the entrance:

Pelican Rock is located in a prime spot next to Papyrus and Main St. Rags at 1378 N. Main St, right near Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.


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  • Michael

    I was headed to Mel’s for lunch today when I walked by this store that had a Grand Opening sign. I decided to check out the store and I was very pleasantly surprised to see a line of clothes that is very tasteful for men at reasonable prices. So I had to buy a sharp Vintage Vines blue checked shirt. The owner is very gregarious and enthusiastic about his new business venture.