Pasta Pomodoro Closes in Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

Thanks to everyone who sent word that Pasta Pomodoro has closed in the Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center on Crescent Drive. Quite a number of new restaurants have opened in this shopping center lately so the competition for diners must be fierce. Also thanks much to the reader who sent in the photo.

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  • There used to be so many of these around the Bay Area. Are they down to one now (in SF)? My kid grew up on pasta there and the squash ravioli were good, so that’s too bad.

  • Gina Romantica

    Their food is not Italian in the slightest, won’t miss it

  • Stnchs7

    Just found it on my credit card statement again.
    Pleasant memories? Not so much!

    We were there 23rd of October. The kids meals were the best in the whole experience. And the kids were probably the happiest afterwards. Especially since their food was even served 20 minutes before the adult meals.

    What else?
    Unfortunately and probably from sitting in the pan for too long, my salmon had burned itself severely. He tried to hide it by lying on the plate with the burned side down. As you can imagine as we got to know each other better – I didn’t like that part.

    Interestingly the bill at the end was not only not adjusted for the burned salmon (even though the waiter saw that burned (blackened?) half of the fish)
    it was even inflated for kids meals that were supposed to be reduced that day.

    A bit annoyed from the fact that the second adult meal was also not up to our expectations I did ask to correct the bill for the kids meals, but after the “”correction”” it was still not correct (7 bucks too high), so I tipped the waiter (yes I did – not quite sure why afterwards)
    and left (just wanted to leave a review at some point).

    That there is a chain that manages one of it’s stores so completely “”off”” customer expectations, that it is already closed again surprises me – btw it was crowded! that evening so the story with the competition is not quite true – from my experience there was some lack of “”quality”” at this location