• Kay

    It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts El Molino right across the street in the Nob Hill plaza… anyone tried both places to see how they compare?

    • Nick

      Haven’t tried this place, but El Molino is pretty solid, similar to those on Monument (i.e. Mission style burritos, street tacos, etc.). If you haven’t been, I recommend checking them out. There are cheaper places on Monument that serve similar food, but this place still does a decent job and you don’t have to worry about locking your car.

      Looking at the menu, I don’t think this place is comparable to El Molino; it’s trying to be yet another Chipotle clone/competitor (like Freebird, Cantina Verde, etc.). Not sure what they think they’re doing that Chipotle isn’t, but I wouldn’t bet on them being around too long.

      • Tom Stieber

        Would be nice to get more of a sit-down Mexican place rather than always taquerias. There are so many taquerias around.

  • littlelina

    These guys are already trying to sublease their restaurant in Fremont, that’s never a good sign

  • Tried this place. Feels like a poor mans Freebirds. The only thing that actually seemed really good was the tortillas themselves.

    • Nick

      Finally tried it last week as well. It was exactly as expected, Chipotle clone with no real unique value proposition. How they expect to compete when Chipotle has better distribution/market presence, economies of scope, value chain integration, and access to capital I will never understand…