Opa! Greek Restaurant Opening in Walnut Creek Mid June

Back last November I mentioned that the Greek restaurant Opa! was coming to downtown Walnut Creek. They have announced on their website that they will be opening mid June. You can check out their menus here.

Check out the progress of the interior:

Take a look at the floor. Hardwood floors? Actually, it’s concrete made to look like wood. I look forward to checking this place out once it opens.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I’m super excited abou this opening up! I love Greek food. Thanks so much for the sneak peek inside, and the update for the opening. I just drove by this afternoon, and was wondering how close they were to opening.

    • Great, glad you found it useful, it’s a nice remodel for sure.

  • ola

    We love Greek food and haven’t found anything that compares to Kokkari in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to giving Opa a try.

  • Judy Christadore

    I USED to love Kokkari, but the Opa in Los Gatos BLOWS them away. Since I live in Marin, I am anxiously waiting for this location to open, please hurry I am dying for the freshest, finest Greek food ever!! I can’t find any comparable Greek restaurant in SF so I am trying to be patient, as I was told it was going to open Oct. of last year……
    I promise you you will not be dissapointed. The gyro appetizer and all the dips, additional order, can’t be beat. I need to expand my try on other items but I just haven’t yet!!!
    Marin should be the next new spot since we have NOTHING of this sort of Restaurant and it would be welcomed for sure w/no competition!!!!

    • Lzweigbaum

      From the menu, it seems part Greek, part Americanized Greek. I’m very wary.