Oke Poke Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1529 Locust St, Walnut Creek

The poke craze is finally coming to downtown Walnut Creek according to the latest permit information from the city as Southern California-based Oke Poke plans to open a new restaurant next to Orangetheory Fitness and Mr. Lucky’s. In addition to poke bowls they also offer Hawaiian shave ice and Hawaiian ice cream sandwiches. Check out their menu here.

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  • Wow am I going to sound like a foodie douche, but whatever – I’m glad this trend is finally to Walnut Creek. Poke Salad in Concord is delicious, but parking around there during lunchtime is a nightmare, and my other favorite poke place, Hashtag Poki, is a little bit of a drive for a more casual meal.

  • fionoodle

    So in other words—yet another restaurant serving unsustainable and overfished species. I didn’t read anything to the contrary on their website.

    • Randy C

      I agree, sounds like a nasty restaurant.

    • Mary Fouts

      Interesting that a grocery store is required to label the origin of their fresh seafood/fish by country, but a restaurant such as this Poke place has no similar requirements. No disclosure if the fish/seafood was caught wild in the ocean, farmed, or where caught/farmed.

  • E E

    Just had a poke roll from them down in Lake Forest, it was awesome. Can’t wait until they open this store.

    Judging from the comments, sounds like the food snobs in Walnut Chic will just have to eat elsewhere….Like Whole Paycheck.