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Now THAT’s a Street Sign!

Check out these new street signs in downtown Concord; they’re GIGANTIC! Props to whoever was responsible for getting these put up, other cities should follow suit, or at least make sure there are street signs. Sometimes I’ll be on a corner trying to figure out what’s the cross street without any visible sign, even on the other three corners. Very annoying!

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  • Mr. Ken

    You know when someone has no taste or style and they wear loud clothing or big jewelry to look fancy.

    Yeah…that’s Concord.

  • ken

    I don’t believe those signs are in compliance with California state law. All directional signs are required to be obstructed from view by a bush or tree. right?

  • Tango

    Claycord had this about 2 – 3 months ago.Would be nice if this site would actually have current reports.

  • Chris Bertrand

    Just saw them this afternoon. Faaabulous! I can actually read them!

  • Old curmudgeon

    I like the smaller sign below:
    There are no entry/exit tokens or meters in the garage off to the left.

    I note that some local areas follow the Bolinas rule of no signs so nobody will know you are there.

  • Nick Andrade

    Personally I don’t care for the look, but yes, I do appreciate that they’re at least not obstructed.