MidiCi Italian Kitchen Opening at Willows Shopping Center in Concord Feb 15th

Willows Shopping Center, Concord

MidiCi, the Italian restaurant featuring Neapolitan Pizzas that we learned would be opening last spring, is finally opening in the Willows shopping center in Concord on February 15th. Check out their pizza menu here and appetizer menu here. Interestingly, they changed their signage from Neapolitan Pizza to Italian Kitchen as seen in the above photo, I imagine to show that they offer more than just pizza. For those who held on to the free pizza coupon cards they were handing out months ago, one employee there said they’ll honor them.

From their website:

Our certified pizzaiolos (pizza makers) invite you to select fresh, natural, high quality, mostly non-GMO ingredients to create your ideal Neapolitan Pizza in the open, center-staged bustling kitchen, also known as “the heart”. We meet rigorous gastronomic rules to serve authentic Neapolitan Pizza famously known for its chewy, crisp dough and topped with all-natural ingredients. All baked to perfection in 90 seconds. Staying true to Neapolitan heritage, our dough is made with only four fine ingredients – non-GMO double zero flour imported from Naples, pure water, sea salt and live yeast. The authentic and pure garnishes include – crushed non-GMO Italian peeled tomatoes, fresh whole mozzarella and non-GMO, Italian extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

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