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Lyric Apartments Now Leasing in Downtown Walnut Creek

Lyric, Walnut Creek

The sidewalk around the new Lyric apartment complex in downtown Walnut Creek has opened up with the blowout salon Drybar opening soon and as you can see in the above sign the apartments are now leasing. Check out the pricing and availability on their website here. A <500 sf studio starts at $2,300 while a 1BR ranges from $2,669 to about $3,500. The most expensive unit, at 1,316 sf, goes for over $5,000. Check out all the amenities here. Community highlights include a rooftop deck, outdoor lounge with firepit and on-site fitness center. Apartments are equipped with washer/dryer, dishwasher, kitchen island, walk-in closet and more.

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  • msmichele99

    The prices are insane. And the exterior is hideous – I don’t mind the multi-colors, but why oh why, did anyone on the design team think multiple types and colors of brick, stone, and tile on the facade would look good. It looks thrown together – like they failed to order enough of one material.

    • WC

      Mixed material modern?

    • Creeker

      Don’t live there?

      • msmichele99

        Thankfully I am a homeowner … unfortunately – I have an great view of it from my office – so my eyeballs are assaulted daily.

        • OrindaSucks

          And you prefer the parking lot and uber-ugly bank building that was previously there???

    • br1777

      I could not agree more. The exterior is awful looking. It is just plain ugly and the mixed materials do not work well together. It is also way too big for downtown Walnut Creek and has almost no setback from the street. They left no room for landscaping.

      • Randy C

        you were not on the city planning commission that approved it. don’t like it, dont live there

    • Rachel

      comparative to other new condos these are priced lower, I don’t know what rock you have been living under but the bay area is expensive. These aren’t bad. The building however, I agree, is a total eyesore! why?!

    • Designwmn

      I agree! It is shockingly ugly, a massive eyesore for Walnut Creek. I am very disappointed in the planning approval people.

  • Mary Fouts

    Wow. But nice to know that the <500 sq foot studio rent is more than my fixed rate 30 year mortgage payment. For a 4532 sq ft home on an almost .5 acre.

    I get it that some people just want to rent. But paying these prices, they will never save up a down payment (unless they get a big inheritance) to buy a detached single family home in the area.

  • Ashley

    Those prices are completely ridiculous! It’s an apartment, not a house!

  • urbanplanning

    They look fine, if a little different, the cost is to be expected for new construction in DT WC, and overall they are a welcome addition to a neighborhood that I think is gracefully getting more urban. I am all for fewer cars and more walkable homes, which is precisely what these are.

  • OrindaSucks

    What most of the WC anti-smart growth whiners don’t understand is that if we build more (not less) of these kinds of projects, the prices will not be as expensive to rent. It’s a simple case of supply and demand…

    • Elizabeth Mackey

      I really hope that is the case. 5,000 a month for a box in a building is disgusting. You probably still can rent a nice little house in WC for a bit less than that! The prices are more in line with SF not suburbs. 500 sq. feet for 2,300 is not right. I don’t mind all the growth at all.

      • msmichele99

        Spot on!!

  • Gina Romantica

    I feel sorry for people starting out in this area, it’s not that fabulous to throw that much money away every month

  • Randy C

    Maybe the Trinty Homehess outreach shelter can rent some of the apt. and take some of the homeless and urban campers off the street.

  • Randy C

    know one is forcing you to rent one.