Lokanta Mediterranean Grill & Bar Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1524 Locust St, Walnut Creek

Last month we learned that Limon Rotisserie would be coming to downtown Walnut Creek and now another restaurant, Pleasanton-based Lokanta Mediterranean Grill & Bar, looks set to open in downtown Walnut Creek as well. Check out their dinner menu here and lunch menu here.

An employee at Lokanta did indicate they would be opening however according to city permit information both restaurants are using the same 1524 Locust St. address. If you look closely at the above photo you may notice that it’s split with an internal wall, however the address at left is 1524 and the address at right is 1520 so we’ll see if this space will be occupied by both restaurants or not. Stay tuned…

From their website:

Lokanta restaurant offers sophisticated menu of Turkish,Greek and Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine.
At Lokanta Grill we stand behind the culinary dishes we create.We take our responsibility of ensuring the origins of our ingredients seriously and pride ourselves on using local, seasonal and organic fare whenever possible

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