Limon Rotisserie Opening Early 2017 in Downtown Walnut Creek

1524 Locust St, Walnut Creek

In March we learned that the Peruvian restaurant Limon Rotisserie would be coming to downtown Walnut Creek and although the opening has been delayed the Coming Soon signage is up and they are expected to open early 2017 according to their web site. Check out their menus here. I can’t wait to try their rotisserie chicken and hope this will be the best rotisserie chicken I have ever eaten.

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  • Nick

    Been almost a decade since I first went to their original location in the Mission; I’m glad to see they’re still around and expanding. Also nice to see the recent uptake in Peruvian food in this area.

    • Neek

      Nick – this is weird man. My name is Nick too, and I lived in the Mission 10 years ago and I went to the original Limon! Wtf dude? Are we traveling in parallel dimensions?