KoJa Kitchen Opening in Downtown Walnut Creek

1550 Olympic Blvd, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone for sending word that the Korean-Japanese restaurant KoJa Kitchen is opening in downtown Walnut Creek where Citra Grill used to be. Check out their menu here. They also have a food truck, has anyone been?

From their Facebook page:

The name “KoJa”, a shorthand for Korean-Japanese, was born from our founders’ desire to reinvent the way that Korean and Japanese cuisine is traditionally prepared and to create a unique Asian fusion concept that is both fun and delicious. From the get-go, KoJa Kitchen took the San Francisco foodie scene by storm with our signature creation, a burger made with garlic-flavored rice buns and meats seasoned with KoJa Kitchen’s unique sauce No. 96™. With growing popularity, we opened our first brick and mortar restaurant in 2014.

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  • Eff Cee

    I’ve had their kojas at OTG events, and can’t wait for their downtown WC brick-n-mortar to open. The teriyaki zen koja [soy/portabello mushroom patty] is so bomb!

  • Old curmudgeon

    At least this small chain is from west of the Berkeley Hills…Looks interesting. Nothing new in the great WC seems to be home grown.

  • Mike M

    Love the food truck in SF. This should be even better!! Welcome.

  • alan cohen

    Been to their fast food restaurant in Berkeley and enjoyed both time. Walnut Creek needs more authentic and interesting restaurants.