Judging Restaurants – McCovey’s

McCovey’s, a baseball themed restaurant and bar named after the famed SF Giants baseball slugger Willie McCovey from the 60s and 70s has been open since 2003 at 1444 N. California Blvd. in Walnut Creek. According to their website:

McCovey’s opened in September 2003, after the Festival theater was torn down and the building began for Plaza 44. We cater to local diners but guests from all over the Bay Area frequent McCovey’s for its one-of-a- kind experience.
The McCovey’s dream began in 1985 when Jeff Dudum named his dad’s memorabilia room “Extra Innings” and posted a sign for all to see. Willie McCovey is a friend of the Dudum family and is involved in Dudum Sports Entertainment. Our guests can enjoy a casual meal at the bar, dine on the patio or in the amazing dining room.

I never realized the Dudums were involved with McCovey’s. I know they own 1515. Any others?

Any fans of McCovey’s the restaurant? Is it a good place to watch sports?