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Is it Possible to Reserve the Outdoor Amphitheater at Orchards Shopping Center in Walnut Creek?

Orchards Shopping Center, Walnut Creek

A reader asks:

I’m with a local boy scout troop and would like to know if there’s a registration or schedule for using the small amphitheater by the children’s playground.

I didn’t even realize there was an outdoor amphitheater at the Orchards shopping center, pretty cool!

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  • Yikes ahootie

    Since the official Orchards website appears to be in perpetual “development” (shoddy, really) I would contact the property manager:


    • Yikes ahootie

      Speaking of The Orchards, whenever we’re there we take Shadelands Drive, and at the corner of Shadelands Drive and Lennon Lane there are two overgrown oleander bushes on the empty lot that make it difficult to see oncoming traffic from Lennon on the right. I’ve been meaning to report it to the city using the See Click Fix app but I never manage to have my phone with me! D’OH!