I-680 Contra Costa Express Lanes Now Open

Last spring we asked about the impending I-680 express lanes running from Alamo to Dublin and it’s now open and in-effect from 5am – 8pm on weekdays. It’s free for carpools and qualifying clean-air vehicles but a new FasTrak Flex toll tag is required for high occupancy vehicles in which the number of passengers can be set. For solo drivers it will be possible to pay a toll which changes based on traffic conditions. Check out the I-680 express lanes information sheet here. Has anyone had a chance to use the new system? Does it help with traffic? Or does it feel like an additional tax ?

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  • chris

    feels like an additional tax. I’ve noticed less cars using the lane and crowding the other lanes. Presumably because people are unsure if they are going to be charged while carpooling so they don’t take the chance.

  • JWB94596

    If I understand it correct, you cannot use these Express Lanes without the new Fastrak Flexible as a carpool without being charged. This is different from the Express Lanes on the Sunol grade where you can simply keep the regular Fastrak in the mylar bag. So if you think you may want to use these lanes as a carpool you need to exchange your regular Fastrak or if you don’t have one get a Fastrak Flexible.

  • Percy Ballcock

    California has the Highest Personal Income Tax, The Highest Sales Tax, The Highest Gasoline Tax,the Highest real Estate prices, the Highest rents in the Bay area. AND NOW THIS!!! Car Pool Lanes are a figment of a Moron’s Imagination.I can only Car pool with someone if we have the same schedules. Also it should encourage the use of Public Transportation. Do we have Bart on 680. Is there any sign of Public Transport :Life on Hiway 680. All these Fast Trac lanes do is cause more congestion.