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Friday Question of the Day – Do you Support the Expansion of Toll Lanes?

Driving on I-680 in Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville down to San Ramon one can see the coming FasTrak toll Express Lane signs sprouting up. According to the website, these lanes are free for carpools and motorcycles but will charge a dynamic fee for solo drivers based on the amount of traffic.

Do you support the expansion of these toll lanes?

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  • ellen teapot

    It doesn’t make any sense to keep expanding freeways without at least trying a mass transit option. MTC claims the express lanes are useful for transit, but then doesn’t run enough buses to provide a good alternative to driving. We ought to build a light rail line from Martinez to Pleasanton instead, with connections to the BART, Amtrak, and ACE stations along the way. In addition to providing more capacity and a new travel option along 680, it could also help free up parking spaces at BART garages and reduce traffic on local streets.

  • Tim E

    Unfortunately, Mass Transit gets only so far for a lot of us worker bees and commuters like myself who go to work from Lafayette to San Rafael. My wife and I could move to Marin but then hers is from San Rafael to San Ramon. Yes, continue to build out and sustain BART were it makes sense like the next extension into downtown San Jose or to Livermore, Electricify Caltrain for Christ Sakes and yes to toll express lanes. More lane miles should be added but it should be added at a cost to the user….
    Finally, someone please tell Mayor Lee to give up his pipe dream of knocking down I280 & realigning Caltrain in the city and extend Caltrain on its current alignment into the glorified bus station of TransBay that has a huge amount of space being built around it for Saleforce among others.

    • ellen teapot

      Hi Tim, thanks for replying. I think mostly we’re on the same page in terms of wanting better commutes, and it totally make sense that you’d drive for yours to San Rafael.

      I think a transit line along 680 could be one of those BART expansions that makes sense, especially if it uses light rail to keep costs down. For your wife’s commute, it would make transit a much better option.