• Mary Fouts

    That Mt. Diablo Blvd block is simply a bad location for smaller stores/restaurants. Plenty of cars going by but little foot traffic. Perhaps improved signage would help, including a locator sign on the corner for pedestrians to see? Johnny Rockets didn’t last their, either.

    • Jack

      Kacha Thai does well. They have great food. Maybe Chicken and Waffles didn’t? I don’t know since I never tried it.

    • I definitely think it’s a rough area for drop-in traffic, but good word of mouth seems to work for a few places there. Home of Chicken and Waffles was just not great food, and Johnny Rockets is the kind of garbage most of WC isn’t interested in eating. (Stick with Smell’s down the street!)

  • Tom S

    Home of Chicken & Waffles had fantastic fried chicken and waffles, and we really enjoyed their red beans & rice and collard greens too. The service was always very friendly, we enjoyed eating there and will miss it. There are some visibility issues for small businesses in that area, but I think their style of food did not align well with Walnut Creek’s population. As much as we enjoyed the food, we only ate there a few times a year as it was a heavy meal and not very healthy.

  • It’s always sad to hear that a business is closing. I just hope that the owners are finding better success at their other locations, and can focus their time and money and something more fruitful.

  • Truth

    I told the owner the area wasn’t made for food like that the world and areas of it is still filled with hate if people gave it a try it would of still been there i no place a round the corner that’s own by a black man and he will.not go public about because he understands business and who will and who will not support it

    • Kc Thomas

      That was my buddy and I favorite place to go to after going to the bars downtown. Sad to see it go.