Golfsmith Closing Mid December in Pleasant Hill

Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

It’s game over for Golfsmith in Pleasant Hill as they are set to close mid-December. 58 other Golfsmiths are closing around the country since DICK’S Sporting Goods bought them earlier this month. They relocated from Walnut Creek several years ago. Currently the entire store is 20 – 40% off. Thanks to a reader for sending word.


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  • Barbosa

    Can we get a bookstore back into that spot. I don’t mean some dinky dusty musty boutique used book store, I mean a real big box store with extensive selection on premise.

    • Steerpike

      I think that would require a subsidy these days; it’s not clear bookstores are a viable concern these days. Barnes and Noble are closing a number of stores this year, part of an ongoing trend. I like the idea of a bookstore but it has to make money in order to stay open.