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Friday Question of the Day – What is your Favorite Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Shop?

Since summer is right around the corner, and nothing is better to help handle the hot summer days than ice cream. I recently noted the opening of Guanatos ice cream in Walnut Creek, and in downtown Walnut Creek there is also the San Francisco Creamery, Haagen Daz, and Gelateria Naia (where you may see me eating my favorite TCHO chocolate flavor) while in Lafayette there is Cold Stone Creamery and in Moraga there is Loard’s.

Now that summer is coming, and with so many options to choose from, what is your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt shop?

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  • Christina Velasco

    Blush Organic Frozen Yogurt in Walnut Creek!

  • over thewater

    Seldom eat ice cream outside of the home but when in w.c. I love safeways dutch chocolate.

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I like the plain tart yogurt at Yogurtland. They have the best toppings. I don’t eat ice cream as much since it does a number on my stomach, but when I do, I head over to Ici Ice cream in Berkeley. All the others out here pale in comparison I must say. The owners of Ici, are alums of Chez Panisse….need I say more.

    I once stepped into that Cold Stone Creamery in Lafayette, and walked right out…. it smelled only of sugar!! Yuck!

    • Ici is amazing. I like how they put chocolate at the bottom of their cones. Now if only they would come to Walnut Creek…

  • JWB

    Blush for Yogurt and Naia for Gelato for local shops.