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Friday Question of the Day – Are you Prepared to Evacuate in 5 Minutes?

Earlier this week we learned about a house fire in Moraga that unfortunately not only resulted in loss of property but a life as well. What ended up localized to one house could have ended in a far bigger disaster as the recent Napa/Sonoma fires have shown. With evacuation potentially minutes away for those nearby, a go bag with essentials is critical. Not to mention irreplaceable, sentimental items. If you had five minutes to evacuate your house do you know what you would bring? Do you have a go bag?

I happened to be very close to the fire below when I got a call from a neighbor at 5 o’clock in the morning. I looked outside and saw a police car in my driveway. I helped get my family outside, sprayed the yard with water, grabbed a backpack but froze at what to bring so besides a laptop I left empty-handed. The heat could be felt intensely as we watched firefighters battle the blaze across the street, just yards from our homes. There was one particular nerve-racking moment as the winds shifted toward us when I overheard a firefighter ask about evacuating nearby houses. That was when a police officer told us to leave the area immediately. I pointed out that the police car was in my driveway and he replied I could walk. And so I walked. Not far, and sometime later the fire was brought under control and we breathed a sigh of relief. Being so close brought home the importance of a go bag and what irreplaceable items to take. I’m going to starting writing down a checklist…

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