Fresh and Easy to Close or be Sold Off in Walnut Creek


Less than two weeks ago I warned people to stock up on British food items at the Walnut Creek Fresh & Easy and now it’s certain. Parent company Tesco, located in England, will close or sell all Fresh & Easy stores in the United States.

From the Daily Mail article:

Profits at Tesco slumped by 51 per cent last year as  it wrote off £1.2billion on a failed attempt to conquer the United States.

The fall in pretax profits – down by £2billion to £1.96billion – was its first in 20 years.

It is to close or sell its Fresh & Easy convenience store chain in the US in what is an ignominious failure for Britain’s biggest retailer.

So given that it’s going away eventually, what supermarket would you like to see in this location? Trader Joe’s is already located at nearby Treat and Oak Grove. Safeway is even closer.

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  • Chris

    You should check your facts before you posted this, the company will be sold BUT it does not intend to close any of the stores. They have a lot of potential buyers is what their email said.

    • Just going by what the article stated. I look forward to seeing what happens.

  • Maria

    Please do some fact checking before broadcasting such an erroneous statement. The parent company is looking at options and planning to sell it off as it is (a bargain priced, small gourmet market, with lots of organic and tastefully produced items). Some people might believe you and stop frequenting this store, which would be bad for business, the employees, and the neighborhood. To everyone reading this : This is a great store, please keep shopping here so that it doesnt close, or become a different type of grocery store. I dont even work for fresh and easy – i am a customer who *really* loves this store and its nice employees.

    • That’s what the article says so we’ll see what happens. I hope a good supermarket takes it over as well.

  • WC

    Yep, that’s what the article says. You didn’t spin it at all. It’s exactly what the company communication department provided. It’s really the others that replied who are spinning it…

  • Lisa McElroy

    The company has sent out a message saying the stores will not close, including the Walnut Creek one. But it will be sold. I shop there. Great deals on quality meat and excellent and affordable red velvet cake.