Fat Maddie’s Barrelhouse & Bistro Coming to Pleasant Hill

Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

Fat Maddie’s Barrelhouse & Bistro is coming to the Downtown Pleasant Hill shopping center where they will occupy a prime spot at the clocktower where the clothing store Atlas & Athena and Pasta Pomodoro used to be. The owner is the same one as Fat Maddie’s Grille in San Ramon. Check out their menu here. I look forward to trying this place out!

From the Fat Maddie’s Grille website:

Named for our family’s favorite goat, FAT MADDIE’S rustic menu incorporates local, sustainable, and organic ingredients. The family is committed to serving only free-range and antibiotic free chicken as well as hormone and antibiotic free beef. FAT MADDIE’S eggs come from chickens on the family’s personal working farm and food waste is recycled to pigs on a neighboring ranch. As for the goat cheese, let’s just say that Maddie has her sources.

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  • Your neighbor

    Is this another self serve restaurant?

  • Gina Romantica

    I have noticed that slowly all the restaurants where you sit in a nice booth and get waited on are vanishing. I hope this is not one of those where you stand up and order in line and then sit on horrible steel stools at group tables?

    • Affordable?

      Forced wage increases are changing the way eateries can staff and still make some money.

  • Kathleen Nagel-Holmes

    It appears this fell through as there is now Spavia going in there. Too bad

    • This is the other side where Atlas & Athena used to be. Maddie’s is where Pasta Pomodoro used to be. Unless they are combining?

      • Kathleen Nagel-Holmes

        I misread the post I think. I took it as Maddies was taking both spots but perhaps just Pasta Pomodoro. Fingers crossed