Farmyard Darlings is Expanding in Lafayette at Old Hen House

20 Lafayette Circle, Lafayette

The vintage furniture shop Farmyard Darlings is expanding from their Mt. Diablo Blvd. location behind the Mt. Diablo Nursery & Garden to the former “Hen House” spot near La Fiesta Square in downtown Lafayette and will be opening this Saturday, September 19th. Check out their Facebook page here.

From their announcement:

Farmyard Darlings is excited to announce an additional venue in Lafayette, California located at 20 Lafayette Circle — formerly “The Hen House” — and will maintain current space on 3295 Mt. Diablo Blvd.

“We are excited to occupy The Hen House not only because its an historic building, but it speaks of a life before this one – of ethics that brings you back to the days when your handshake was your word and when people willingly rolled up their sleeves and worked hard.” – The Farmyard Darlings, Kim & Carole


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