Delays at Ike’s Sandwich Shop in Walnut Creek


One of the most hotly anticipated restaurant openings is Ike’s sandwich shop which is planning on opening in downtown Walnut Creek a few stores down from the Cheesecake Factory. However, judging by Ike’s recent Facebook replies it looks like they are having a hard time obtaining a permit for some reason. Check what Ike had to say on December 28th:


I wonder what the problem is and whether the permit problem is related to the city or the county? I really hope they open by spring because I want to try one of their world renowned sandwiches!

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I hope he doesn’t change his mind 🙁

    • Yes, this and Lottie’s I really want to open. I can’t wait until spring and summer to enjoy these places!

      • WC Customer

        Why would the county be involved in the permitting process? This is in the City.