Bondadoso Coffee & Tea Opening Soon in Walnut Creek

2195 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for pointing out that an intriguing new coffee and tea cafe called Bondadoso Coffee & Tea is opening in Walnut Creek where Mi Casa used to be. As you can see, the orange/yellow paint is no more. Stay tuned…

From their Facebook page:

Coming Soon, one unique coffee house. Think third wave coffee meets a tap room.

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  • happyfriday

    That’s a tough location for a coffee spot. No foot traffic, not much parking. Seems like a neat idea, though – I just hope it works out for them. I’ll check it out sometime

    • Nick

      There’s at least a lot of condos in that area. They might have a chance if they attract the folks that live there as it’s closer than Starbucks, etc. Also, there’s at least some folks that walk from WC BART to those condos who’d pass right by it. I never thought Mi Casa was that great and they lasted for quite some time (although they probably had a lower rent than this place will).

      Personally, I think the bigger issue is that the WC coffee market is saturated with high end coffee places. They already have Coffee Shop & Philz in downtown and there’s the long standing Pacific Bay Coffee & La Scala, and that’s not even counting all the Starbucks, etc.

      If I still lived in that area, I’d probably check them out, but I don’t have much hope for their longevity (but wish them the best).

    • Alex

      There’s actually a surprising amount of foot traffic in the area. Plus people waiting on car repairs, people coming from BART, the Brio apartments, businesses in the area, and WCI students! The location also has a parking lot and a decent amount of street parking. There definitely is a lot of coffee options in Walnut Creek, but this place is doing a lot to be unique, including utilizing roasters you can’t find anywhere else in the Bay Area, having cold brew coffee and tea on tap, and having an interactive space. It’s definitely not your average coffee shop!

  • Steve

    Too bad about Mi Casa. Was good at first but noticed quality slipped in recent visits.