Two people Arrested for Burglary at Home Goods in Moraga


From the Moraga PD:

On Tuesday, 4/8/2014, a little after 2 pm, Moraga Officers arrested Dominika Johnson, age 25, and Kendra Hill, age 28, for burglary and associated charges emanating from actions inside the Moraga Home Goods Store.

Both suspects entered the store, took items from inside the store and brought them to the clerk to claim as returns, receiving cards for store credit. Johnson had been identified as doing the same thing on 3/31/14, 4/3/14, and 4/5/14. These incidents were reported to MPD on 4/7/14.

At the time of the arrests, children were located in the suspect’s car. The children were tended at the scene until a relative responded to pick them up.

Hill (photo #1), an Antioch resident, was also booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on charges of burglary, conspiracy, and child endangerment.

Johnson (photo #2), an Oakland resident was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on 4 counts of burglary, conspiracy, receiving stolen property, violation of probation, and two outstanding arrest warrants for traffic violations and grand theft.

MPD was assisted throughout the incident by 3 officers from Orinda PD.

Go-Getters Personalized Grocery Delivery Service Now Available in Walnut Creek and Lamorinda


A new personalized grocery delivery service started by local Walnut Creek woman Brooke Dodson is open for delivery orders beginning today for anywhere in Walnut Creek, Lamorinda, Danville and a few other locations. For details on how it works click here and for their pricing page click here.

From their website:

Go-Getters was founded by Brooke Dodson, a girl who loves grocery shopping.  As a kid, she loved trips to the store with Mom, eventually taking over the household shopping in high school. While studying Economics at UCLA, she worked as a personal assistant to a Beverly Hills family, and that’s when her idea for a personalized grocery delivery service first began to take shape. Since then, Brooke has worked in marketing in several different industries and received her MBA in Marketing and Strategy from UC Davis in 2013. Throughout her career and her education, she continued to assist friends, family, and colleagues with their grocery purchases.  In 2014, Brooke decided it was time she took this passion, along with her education, creative energy, and entrepreneurial spirit to create Go-Getters.  Based on the concept of putting the “person” back into personal shopping, Go-Getters offers busy parents, professionals, seniors, and small businesses personalized delivery of groceries and more.  Go-Getters currently serves the East San Francisco Bay Area, with hopes for future expansion.

Moraga Summer Camp Expo at Hacienda de las Flores on Mar 1st

Photo by Flickr user Joybot
Moraga Summer Camp Expo:

Hacienda de las Flores
2100 Donald Dr, Moraga
Saturday, March 1st, 2014
11:00am – 2:00pm | Free

Join us at the Hacienda de las Flores for a sneak preview of the best summer camps in Moraga! Who: Kidz Love Soccer, Young Rembrandts, Splash Ball, Camp Kinder Cool, Camp Oneder Cool, Moraga Sports Camp, Magic Camp, Camp Hacienda, Skyhawks Sports, Eurosoccer, Bradley School of Music and more! What: Meet the counselors; participate in activities, enjoy a free hot dog lunch and register early for camps to receive a 10% discount.
*Exhibitors subject to change.

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Smoking at the Gas Pumps in Moraga

Photo by Flickr user meddygarnet

Over the weekend I pulled into the new Arco gas station in Moraga to fill up. As I popped the gas tank cover I looked over directly across from me and see two guys standing next to their car smoking cigarettes right near the pump. Based on their demeanor I felt uncomfortable even looking at them so I did a long loop around them to get to the machine to pay. Then I walked back the same way and peeked at them again before selecting the grade and saw they were still smoking. Finally, I started pumping and waited far back from the pump. While pumping I envisioned one of the guys flicking his still smoldering cigarette butt in my direction engulfing me and the gas station in flames.

In my mind smoking and gas stations don’t mix but is it really a big deal? Should I have taken off immediately after seeing this or is the danger overblown? I don’t think it would have been a good idea to go up to them to inform them that smoking is not permitted near gas pumps unless I wanted to get hurt so that’s out of the question.