What’s going on with Kanishka’s in Downtown Walnut Creek?

1518 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone who sent word that something’s going on at the Indian restaurant Kanishka’s Gastropub that opened almost four years ago in downtown Walnut Creek. Their storefront is papered over and OpenTable reservation page notes that, “Unfortunately, this restaurant is not on the OpenTable reservation network.” Their last Instagram photo says:

Kanishka’s Gastropub will be closed for Thanksgiving holidays this week! I believe whatever happens for a reason in life! Not everything is a sweet spice of pumpkin pie however there is something to look forward to! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I am thankful to many many things in life! – Paramita Roy


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  • Yikes ahootie

    Went once. I wanted to like it, but I found it overpriced and meh. One dish tasted downright strange.

    • harold banks

      our feelings as well!

  • Dogbolter

    Yep overpriced, tiny portions, zero ambiance. More like a school dining room.

  • OrindaSucks

    I used to go there on a regular basis. The food quality started to slip about a year or so ago. As for prices, it was a bit expensive, but compared to the rest of the competition in downtown WC, it was about par. I actually loved the small, intimate and mom-n-pop feel to the place. Reminded me of places in the Mission years ago…

  • WC

    I liked it! Great variety, different from other places. The wine flights were great. Good staff. I hope it’s not closed. Maybe a interior redo?

  • harold banks

    isn’t that a sweet piece of pumpkin pie? nice sentiment but no info!

  • Downtown WC Resident

    Taking bets now – 2018: new blow dry bar!!! New boba tea cafe!!! New “Southern” BBQ joint!!! If I win, I want one of those Beyond the Creek t-shirts, so y’all can spot me downtown, shaking my head in dismay, haha…

  • Gator

    Went there once. It was tasty but the portions were really small and was pretty pricey. Demise was probably similar to that of other restaurants, rent too high, margins nonexistent or too small to justify all the hours worked, or a combination of the 2. It’s a brutal business to be in