The Veranda Shopping Center Opens in Concord

The Veranda, Concord

The shopping center The Veranda is now open in Concord with TJ Maxx having opened over the weekend and Lunchbox Wax opening today. As you can see in the above photo, Toys “R” Us / Babies “R” Us will be having a grand opening party on November 4th. In addition to stores and restaurants that we previously learned would be opening such as Super Duper Burgers, MOD Pizza (opening Nov. 14th), an IMAX movie theater, and Whole Foods 365, Peet’s (big corner spot), Puesto (San Diego-based Mexican), Residual Sugar Wine Bar and Coffee Shop will also be opening here. On top of that, while visiting there I learned that Popbar (gelato on a stick), a ramen spot (possibly Concord Ramen) and a boba cafe will also be opening. There will be 20 Tesla super chargers and Volta chargers. For children there will be a play area (including a Lucky Climber, see photo below) that will turn into an ice skating rink in December. Stay tuned for more stores to open in the coming weeks as well as a party to celebrate the ice skate rink in late November.

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  • Nick

    Puesto looks good; different than your typical Mexican food in this area. It reminds me a lot of Tlaloc in SF with lots of seafood, cactus, etc. I don’t see it listed, but the other place that’s supposed to open, EMC Seafood & Raw Bar also looks interesting. I do wish they’d open a real WFM and not a 365, but this should still be an improvement for groceries in Concord.

    • sam

      I’m with you Nick – been wondering:
      why can’t Concord attract high end restaurants & food stores?

  • Michael Will

    There are only 3 volta electric car chargers that I saw in front of WF365, one of which was not working. Great to refill your car while shopping with 20 miles per hour