The Jungle Play Center Closing in Concord this Spring

Willows Shopping Center, Concord

UPDATE According to the owner The Jungle is not closing. They “got short lease extension and working on long term lease“.

The indoor children’s play center The Jungle, with massive amounts of jungle gym structures throughout is closing sometime early next year in Willows Shopping Center in Concord, possibly this spring according to an employee I spoke with. Taking its place will be a giant Total Wine shop based on its 15,000 sf footprint. Stay tuned…


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  • lint

    that place was terrifying

  • Zap

    My kids love that place. I detested it. My 2 year old daughter got lost in there for what felt like an eternity. I asked for help and got nothing from the employees. I eventually started screaming and crying. I totally lost it. Not one employee did a damn thing. About a dozen non-employees stopped what they were doing and helped me find her and console me. Fast forward 3 years and that same daughter wanted her 5th birthday party there much to my horror. Well we did and got so much damn attitude from the desk person. Rest in hell, Jungle.


    i will miss da monkey