Slice House Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek, Patio Coming Soon

1500 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek

Great news as San Francisco-based pizzeria Slice House has opened in downtown Walnut Creek and is the final spot to open in the development at the corner of Mt Diablo Blvd. and Main St. Check out their Walnut Creek menu here. Seating is fairly limited but the good news is that a new patio will be opening soon in part of the parking lot next door.

As a discerning pizza fanatic from NY, I take my pizza seriously and this is definitely the real deal. I pay particular attention to the crust and the Slice House crust was superb. I’ve also noticed pizza around here tends to be lacking in tomato sauce and as you can see in the photo of the pizza after the jump, these slices have the perfect combination of cheese to tomato sauce. It hit all the right notes and I’m glad there is now a spot to grab a real slice in downtown Walnut Creek.


More photos after the jump…





slice-house-walnut-creek-inside-candy slice-house-walnut-creek-inside-capacino-maker

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Walked by it the other day, and it looked nice and smelled good. Sad that it is so small and the patio in the hot summer months of Walnut Creek………well, I hope they have misters or something, because that is going to be not fun.

  • WC

    Good addition. The patio will triple the amount of seating. I had a breakfast sandwich at about 10:30am, really nice. Look forward to trying some of the other options.

  • Kevin

    You are right. Way too hot with all the surrounding cement to sit out there. Only at night would it be OK.

  • OrindaSucks

    I had a slice the first day it was open, and it is by far the best pizza in WC, period, end of story…

  • Thomas uchacz

    Moved here from NY Two years ago. My brother loves the SF location so I went here on opening day. I wanted to love it but if I had to rate NY style pizza by pizzerias It would be 1 Amicis 2 PanCoast 3 Slice House Will try again soon.

  • JoAnn Horner

    I had pasta, added meatballs and garlic bread (no drink). It was all good. Cost $21 which was more than what I expected, but the garlic bread was enough for two people. Great place for ordering take out.