Reminder – home/made kitchen is OPEN in Moraga

337 Rheem Blvd, Moraga

The cafe restaurant home/made kitchen opened a few years ago in Moraga but recently rumors have been spreading about how they are planning to close. I checked and although there were issues several months ago they have been resolved and they plan on staying open for breakfast, lunch and special event dinners. Check out their website here and Facebook page here.

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  • Courtney

    Home Made Kitchen is Moraga’s best little gem of a restaurant. We moved from WC to Moraga almost a year ago and were delighted with the wonderful and fresh food here, along with their amazing coffees! I love supporting them and hope they’ll be around for years to come!

  • Michelle and John

    We STOPPED going to this local restaurant because the customer service by the hostess was SO bad, NOT customer focused. And, based on our experience and people watching other encounters (so, really we learned it wasn’t just us…) who were also treated poorly, it didn’t feel right to torture ourselves or our friends we would invite to join us. Sorry for any hometown restaurant, but more and more choices are driving us to the growing foodie environment in Lafayette! Too bad, as we really looked forward to riding bikes in the morning and rewarding ourselves with breakfast. Instead, we partake in dinner and show with its neighbor Chef Chao and our favorite Rheem Theatre 🎭.

  • Jack

    Too limited of a menu and not open for dinner really kills this place for me.