Ramen Hiroshi Lunch Service begins Jan. 30th

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

It’s been about a week since Ramen Hiroshi opened in downtown Walnut Creek and a sign posted in front notes that lunch service will begin Friday, January 30th. I stopped by over the weekend and tried the tonkotsu ramen, hanetsuki gyouza and spinach salad (horenso goma ae). Everything tasted great and I look forward to coming back to try the miso ramen, takoyaki and more. I had never seen gyouza presented connected together as a circle before, that’s why it’s called hanetsuki gyouza. Check out their appetizer menu here and ramen menu here. Since seating is limited the earlier you get there the better. There is also bar seating in the back. Beer and alcohol to come…

tonkotsu ramen:

Photos of the bar seating, gyouza and horenso goma ae after the jump:


hanetsuki gyouza:

spinach salad (horenso goma ae): hiroshi-ramen-walnut-creek-spinach