Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Do you Ride BART?

Photo by Unsplash user giorgiotrovato

It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden BART. I finally had a reason to go into San Francisco and didn’t feel like driving so decided to take BART. Despite masks being required in the trains, (with plenty of signs pointing this out), of course I’m in the car where some think the rules don’t apply to themselves, like the guy across from me with the mask on his neck, as if to say, I don’t care about anyone but myself. Not to mention the guy eating chips right next to me, obviously not wearing a mask. Then, there is the guy playing loud music taking up two seats. It was frankly a disgusting trip in on a Saturday afternoon and I contemplated never taking BART again if I can help it.

However, on the way back, it was the complete opposite situation. Everyone was wearing masks and behaving themselves. And no more worn-out fabric seats. So I think I’ll ride BART again after all. Do you ride BART? Do you like it more or less than before Covid?