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Question of the Day – Do you Plan on Wearing a Mask?

Photo by Flickr user spaztacular

Up until just recently, the official C.D.C. policy has been to recommend not wearing masks as it supposedly wouldn’t actually protect people from getting coronovirus, and would result in more people buying masks that should be meant for healthcare providers. Well, that policy is now being reconsidered. Apparently even if it’s not an N-95 mask it will still help. You can even make your own with basic materials around the house. In addition to protecting yourself from getting the virus from others, it will also protect others from the mask wearer spreading the virus unknowingly.

As someone who wore a mask at the grocery store last week, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. This doesn’t look great for the C.D.C. who in my mind comes across as less trustworthy and will take their recommendations going forward suspiciously.

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