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Question of the Day – Do you Plan on Double Masking?

Photo by Unsplash user veradavidovaphotography

This week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended double masking to prevent infection from the more spreadable variants that are doubling about every 10 days.

From the CDC website:

CDC conducted experiments to assess two ways of improving the fit of medical procedure masks: fitting a cloth mask over a medical procedure mask, and knotting the ear loops of a medical procedure mask and then tucking in and flattening the extra material close to the face. Each modification substantially improved source control and reduced wearer exposure.

Are you going to follow their suggestions to protect yourself before you get vaccinated or are you going to risk it with only one mask? I’ve been happy with my double layer mask fit with disposable filter sandwiched in-between but maybe I should add another mask? I feel like it’s not necessary but if I do catch it I don’t know if I’ll forgive myself.