Pho 84 East Pop-Up Opens in Library on Main in Walnut Creek

1677 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Late last year we learned that the LA style street food restaurant 310 Eatery temporarily opened within Library on Main in downtown Walnut Creek and now a new popup has opened as initially reported by Diablo Dish, Pho 84 East, “Oakland’s oldest Vietnamese restaurant”. Check out their menu here.

How does this compare to Kevin’s Noodle House a few blocks away?

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  • Kevin’s is the best pho in the area, fresh and light and fast, so this has some high competition. I wasn’t super impressed with the Library in general, but I’ll go in for a quick pop-up shot.

    • Nick

      Kevin’s is decent for phở, but I wish they offered bánh mì

      • Yikes ahootie

        I miss the bánh mi food truck that used to show up at Ygnacio and Civic on Sunday 🙁

        • aviva kellman

          Saigon Vietnamese Bistro on Newell has delicious bánh mi. Their food is excellent and owners and staff are always friendly.

          • Nick

            Interesting, will need to check it out. I go to Saigon Bistro by Fry’s in Concord (appears unrelated) and they have good bánh mì although their prices have risen over the years.

  • Dogbolter

    The Library on main hasn’t really been a success. Is that why we are seeing theses pop up restaurants within the restaurant? Is it a way for the Library to make some money due to lack of customers.

  • TheRobin

    I really love the whole pop-up trend. I will definitely check this out!

  • Mary Fouts

    I walked by yesterday and felt this sign really looked tacky, black magic marker on brown paper bag material. (Spelling also incorrect; should be its, not it’s). Plus, I wonder how many people going by see “Library” on the building and think it is a branch of the Walnut Creek library?

  • Sandy Waddle

    I went expecting 310 burger and had pho instead. We ordered imperial rolls (2 rolls cut in half for $8.50), shrimp rolls ($9.50), vermicelli bowls (grilled chicken $12.50; grilled prawns $18; grilled pork $12.50). With sodas it was around $30 a person and it took almost 2 hours! Really good, but expensive and slow service for a weekday lunch.

    • I wonder how the pricing compares to their Oakland location. Too bad about the slow service, I can see how that would frustrating!