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N. Main/Mt. Diablo Parking Lot vs. Walnut Creek Automotive Lot

Behold the view of Commercial Lane facing Mt. Diablo Blvd. Straight ahead, across the street is the upscale restaurant Va de Vi. The building next to Va de Vi on the left also happens to be the office of Brian Hirahara, the owner of B.H. Development. (No wonder why they wanted this project!) To the left you can see La Fogata restraurant. On the right is a parking lot. Some people have been asking whether this parking lot on the right was included in the project that was awarded to B.H. Development last week. It was not.

B.H. development will only get the parking lot on the left, next to La Fogata. So how can B.H. Development refer to a, “Commercial lane paseo dining concept” without having access to both sides of Commercial Lane? I’m not sure, but I do know the site where the parking lot on the right is located, as well as Walnut Creek Automotive (right behind), is an entirely separate site owned by neither the city nor Patson Companies which is developing Anthropologie next to it. Rumor has it that the owner of this plot is of an advanced age and so if I had to take a guess, I would bet there will be a bidding war between B.H Development and Patson Companies over this sliver of land in one of the most valuable locations in all of Walnut Creek within the near future. I will post more about this in a separate post.