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Le Virage Gets Painted Over Outside, But Not Inside…

Although some of you may never have dined at the French restaurant Le Virage in Walnut Creek, if you have ever driven down N. Main St. to get onto 680N you probably saw the exterior of the now closed restaurant because of the incredible murals painted around the entire building. Unfortunately, they have recently been completely painted over as pointed out by the editor of Diablo Magazine. When I stopped by to check it out, I noticed that one of the windows wasn’t completely boarded up, so of course I crept up and took an ominous look inside the broken glass window frame:

And this is what I saw (picture intact):

Here’s another view:

This would make for a great horror movie:

Scene 1: Group of teens smoking in the parking lot behind Le Virage at night
Teen 1: I can’t believe they painted it over!
Teen 2: Hey, check out the window, it’s not boarded up.

Scene 2: Teens go closer to window and look inside
Teen 1: Cool!
Teen 2: I think we can squeeze in there, let’s go in!
Teen 3: I don’t know, looks a little spooky.
Teen 4: Oh, come on! What are you chicken?
Teen 3: No way, let’s do this.

Scene 3: Teens squeeze through opening
Teen 1: Whoa, this is incredible!

Scene 4: [?]

So how should scene 4 go? Any suggestions?

It’s really too bad that the murals are gone, although I guess the owners wanted to make it easier to sell. I’ll be making another post next week with before photos of the murals.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I never dined there when it was open, but had heard that it was pretty good. Sorry to see it run down like this, and boy that sure does look creepy on the inside. I wonder if there are any photos lurking about of the inside when it was up and running?

    • I’d be curious to see as well!

    • Kristen

      My mother once took me inside there when it was still in business. I remember going inside, hearing the music, smelling the food and feeling the intimacy. It was a very fancy feeling inside. I am trying to remember if we decided to dine in or not, but I think at the time it was too far off for our budget. But, I am so glad my mom let me take a peek. I also took photos of the inside and outside about a year ago with my Nikon SLR and would love to share with anyone interested. You can find pictures of it on my facebook page: Kristen Loftin Photography. Thanx!

  • Brandi

    That’s too bad. I always liked looking at the crazy art painted on the walls whenever I passed by.

  • Terri

    The owner was told to paint the building by the City.