Ike’s Sandwich Shop Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

Back in September Diablo Dish had the scoop on Ike’s sandwich shop coming to downtown Walnut Creek however the lease sign had been up and no work was being done, until now that is. Check out the unmistakable likeness of Ike himself plastered on the windows of the former Red Mango frozen yogurt store a couple of doors down from the Cheesecake Factory. Check out their menu here. I can’t wait to try this place out! Has anyone been to Ike’s before? How are the sandwiches?

From Ike’s website:

 Ike’s Place first opened its door on Halloween of 2007. The man behind the sandwich, Ike Shehadeh, always puts his customers happiness first. That is what sets Ike’s Place aside from the rest. When you come to Ike’s Place it is our goal to make you feel like the unique individual that you are. If that isn’t enough to set us aside, did I mention that the bread is baked fresh to order? And our soon to be patented “Ike’s Dirty Secret Sauce” is spread on every sandwich and baked right in the bread, and another layer is spread on afterwards to give it that extra flavor. Mmmmm… are you hungry yet?

I wonder if they’re going to do extensive remodeling inside or whether they can reuse Red Mango’s interior. I think it looks pretty nice in its current state:

It’s interesting how this section of downtown Walnut Creek has morphed into a giant outdoor food court, with Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, Panera, Buckhorn Grill and of course a Starbucks.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I hope there is a lot of room, since they had a lot of issues in San Francisco with people lined up around the block. They had to close down and move locations to be able handle the crowds. I can’t wait to try it also!

    • Oh, I remember reading that about that, I hope they add plenty of outdoor tables although the space is pretty small.

  • Larry

    Unfortunately it’s a food court full of chain restaurants.

    • Yes, it would be good if more independently owned restaurants moved in as well. Citra Grill is across the street.

  • Sulli

    Ike’s sandwiches are amazing. I have never had anything that was not great there. I am very excited to see them coming to Walnut Creek, will be a great addition to the area.

  • redrob808

    I had tried them at a couple of Yelp Events but still have not stepped inside an actual store. They have a Meatball sandwich which is actually veggie. Absolutely amazing sandwich!! I heard that they opened one recently in Danville, too.

    • They seem to have a lot of options, this is a great addition to that area. Thanks for the tip on the meatball sandwich!

  • Niki

    THAT’s what’s moving in there? Ooooh, this just made my day. I’ve been meaning to try this place forever!

    • Let us know how it is when you try it out, hope it’s great!

  • Was hoping that Pinkberry would take over this space, but Ike’s should be a nice addition to the downtown food selection.

  • DannyH2oman

    Stood in line and waited 2-hours at his original Castro, SF restaurant and yes, definitely worth the wait!

    One word…. “kryptonite”

    Trust me, just ask for it.