Guanatos Ice Cream Opens in Walnut Creek

Guanatos Ice Cream just opened their second location in the Countrywood Shopping Center in Walnut Creek a couple of weeks ago. Their first store in Bay Point has been in business for 5 years, and according to their website:

We are a family owned company that shares our grandparent’s recipes.

Check out their flavors here. Some of the more intriguing flavors are, avocado, corn, chongos zamoranos, nassberry and cheese! They also offer sorbet.

Take a look at the inside:

Check out more photos including a close up of the avocado flavor after the jump…

These are the bars:

and here is the ice cream (they have a corn flavor!):

I couldn’t pass up an avocado flavored ice cream, with real chunks of avocado:

It was really good! Has anyone checked them out yet? Guanatos Ice Cream is located at 704 Bancroft Rd. in Walnut Creek.

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  • Aimless

    We stopped there last weekend and they were fantastic! The weather was in the 80s and a scoop of homemade ice cream was just perfect. I was very curious about the tequila flavor but chickened out and had the strawberry shortcake instead. My kids had guava, mango, and pistachio – every drop got eaten. Definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

    • Glad you liked it, there are so many unique choices I’ll be back for sure. Guava sounds good!

  • Oh fun! Thanks for this, as I didn’t know the yogurt place from before closed.

  • Roberto

    The Pistachio Rose petal ice cream and the Marshmallow Bubblegum ice cream were very flavorful. They were courteous and had lots of flavors to choose from. The environment was also very clean. Kris Y.

    • Good to know, the rose petal flavor sounds intriguing. Thanks for the update!

  • Guadalais6

    Que delicia!! Todos los sabores y colores

  • Mercymarisol

    Excelente trabajo amigos Love Mercy guanajos Customer foreber ever

  • How did I miss this? I must visit soon, maybe if it warms up. Looks awesome!

  • Ice Cream Lover

    Intriguing flavors! The pistachio rose sounds great! And what is nassberry? The latter makes me think of some of the flavors at Mitchell’s ice cream in San Francisco.

  • Rikki

    We enjoyed our last night of summer here! This place is amazing! We had avocado, and a warm brownie sundae with banana ice cream. This place really is a gem, with great prices, and super friendly employees. Go!!