Gott’s Roadside Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1275 S. Main St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone for pointing out this San Francisco Business Times article about Napa-based Gott’s Roadside opening their first East Bay location in downtown Walnut Creek by year’s end. Last November we learned that Fresh Choice closed and this is where Gott’s Roadside will open. Look for the remodeled building to provide more outdoor seating. I have enjoyed their soft serve ice cream many times when I’m in the Ferry Building in San Francisco and look forward to trying more dishes once they open here.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Wow! That is super exciting😃 I love that place!

  • WC

    Nice addition. Great local wine and beer list.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Another upscale and up price burger joint? Just what the WC needs. By the way is it true that France has banned sales of Ketchup (Sauce Americain?) as it masks the true flavors of food.

    • over thewater

      what would the French know? a liberal application of salt and vinegar is essential!

      • Old curmudgeon

        Malt vinegar please…

        • over thewater

          Of course!

    • Nick

      Funny, I hadn’t heard about that ban (apparently it’s from 2011 in school cafeterias although fries are actually exempt), but I can’t really blame them. If you need ketchup to mask the flavor of the meat, you cooked it wrong.

    • Elizabeth Mackey

      Doubt it. They love it on fries just like we do. I lived there for two years, and there was plenty of ketchup lovers that I saw 🙂

  • dubcee


  • Primrose DeVille

    Oh boy, $5 for a cup of ice cream, hold me back!!

  • Mary Fouts

    Is Gott’s still opening at this location? I was looking forward to it. From the outside today, no work appears to have been done, windows are covered and Fresh Choice signage still up.