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Friday Question of the Day – Where is the Best Milkshake?

Photo by Flickr user pasa

Having an elementary school-aged child means I always have someone to get a milkshake with. Dangerous, I know, but what can I say, I have a sweet tooth. Our go-to spot is San Francisco Creamery in downtown Walnut Creek. It’s casual, plenty of seating, and the shake itself is great. Of course, I’ve never met a milkshake I didn’t like, and it’s fun to hang out there chatting about superheroes and the likelihood of aliens visiting Earth. Where is your favorite spot to get a milkshake?

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  • Jennifer

    Mina’s burgers and shakes

    • Jennifer

      Sorry, Mona’s burgers and shakes

  • Aimless

    I agree with Jennifer – Mona’s, especially their Nutella shake! We also love the shakes at Mooyah, they have flavors like Oreo, Reese’s PB cups, M&Ms, etc and they are served with an extra-wide straw so you can slurp up all the chocolate chips and candy mix-ins (I didn’t say it was the healthiest choice, just the best)!

  • Kim

    Mona’s (WC/Concord) & Roam Burger!

    • Nick

      I agree with Mona’s as well. What surprises me is that they’re just using the regular Sysco ice cream which I’d presume a lot of other places use too. I’m not sure what they do different, but they definitely make a great shake.

      • Kim

        Interesting – Didn’t know about the Sysco ice cream!

  • Yikes ahootie

    There used to be a place in Berkeley (a Greek diner, I think? Near Shattuck and Center) and they had milkshakes that they called “frosties” where they would drizzle chocolate fudge inside the glass where it would coat the glass and it was SO GOOD and I’ve never been able to find anyone else who does it. 🙁