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Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Running/Walking Trail?

With various marathons and races coming up (Oakland is April 2nd), I see plenty of people hitting the trails to get in some exercise during the sporadic dry spells. Where is your favorite trail you like to run or walk? The Lafayette Reservoir rim trail is nice but steep. What other recommended trails are there?

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  • Kay

    The trails in Shell Ridge Open Space are my favorite! awesome views.

  • Diane Hendricksen

    Iron Horse Trail; it runs behind the complex in which I live providing easy access. It also has access to other trails from it for lots of enjoyable walking/biking.

  • ellen teapot

    I recently discovered the bit of the Ygnacio Canal Trail next to Lime Ridge. Incredible views without an overly steep climb.

  • drnoodle

    Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail is great especially around sunrise when there may be a little fog. Newhall Park had a great gravel loop that can include a great hill repeat up to the memorial. NAMI does a 5k there that is really fun. Iron Horse is really good south of Walnut Creek bc they have water fountains frequently. California Riding and Hiking Trail is also really fun Just wish the East Bay did a better job of providing drinking water.