Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Old Time Restaurant

This year is Prima Ristorante’s 35th anniversary, which got me thinking, since I’m constantly talking about new restaurants all the time I thought it would be interesting to see what old time places out there are recommended. So for Friday’s Question of the Day, what’s your favorite old time restaurant? Let’s say it has to be over 10 years old. Also, what are any must order items?

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I really like Tomatina. I think it has been there for at least 10 years. I love the chicken spagatini sp? Fun place and not so pricey.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve been there but that’s a good one.

  • Michael O’Connor

    My favorite old time rock and roll restaurants in Walnut Creek is Mel’s Diner followed very closely by Hubcaps. Must order menu items any time of the day are two eggs over hard, bacon, potatoes, english muffins and hot coffee.

    • Cool photo, thanks for sharing! I’m partial to Hubcaps myself, but I should revisit Mel’s again with my kids.

      • Elizabeth Mackey

        Mel’s and Hubcaps are owned by the same person.

        • Oh, that’s right. Next time I’ll try Mel’s. The jukebox should be fun for my kids.