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Friday Question of the Day – Do you have or Plan on getting Solar Panels?

Photo from Flickr user jeremylevinedesign

As I walk around neighborhoods I notice more and more houses, buildings, schools etc have solar panels appearing on roofs. Seems like a good match for the great California sunshine we get as long it’s not shady. Do you have or are planning to get solar panels for your home? If you have solar panels would you do anything differently?

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  • Old curmudgeon

    One of the bigger hurdles for extending solar generation to many roofs in Walnut Creek is the large number of townhouses and other residences who are part of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and HOA in the Creek. HOA Restrictions would prevent an individual unit owner from installing solar panels. Financing by solar vendors is to my knowledge only extended to individual home owners not a PUD/HOA. It would take 100% agreement by all of the PUD/HOA unit owners to modify existing architectural restrictions and agree to a financing plan through some sort of commercial financing in order for these residences to go solar.

    • Yikes ahootie

      Exactly. We’d love to, but the HOA forbids it.

      I’m waiting on some crazy innovation (solar paint? lol) that will make it acceptable.

      • Old curmudgeon

        Dish TV and Direct TV antennas were not allowed on HOA rooftops and balconies until federal rules forced HOA’s to allow an owner to install them. At some point we may see California enact some mechanism to allow individual homeowners in an HOA to install solar. I would prefer that it be done by the whole HOA. Unfortunately, this will probably entail a long drawn out set of court fights and challenges through state and federal courts.