Farm Creek Brewing Company Closing Sept 23rd in Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone for sending word. Sad news especially considering their grand reopening was just last month but glad they can spend more time with their family in the south.

From an email:

From the beginning, Farm Creek Brewing has always been about family. And community. We’re proud to be part of an amazing community of supporters and friends. But, we’re missing out on time with our families back home in the south. We can always make more beer, but we can’t make more time.

Heather and I have decided that it’s time for us to create the next chapter of the Farm Creek story.

We will be closing the taproom and brewery in Walnut Creek, California and relocating Farm Creek. The Janinda’s are going home.

The taproom will be open during normal business hours until September 23. We’ll begin disassembling the brewery and taproom shortly after that.

This past year has been an adventure for us and we’re glad we could share it with you. Now, come by the taproom and share another beer with us. And be ready to come visit us on the east coast soon!

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  • Tom Stieber

    Sad to hear this. They said their family is in the South, but then they mention the East Coast. Wondering which it is? Maybe the Carolinas? That’s sort of both…

    • Randy Janinda

      Our family is in Georgia and North Florida. So, both.

      • JoAnn Horner

        Randy, best wishes to you and your family. Family comes first.

      • Tom Stieber

        Got it. Wishing you all much success in your new home, along with lots of family memories!

  • Old curmudgeon

    Parking was a problem in their choice of location.

    • kristenlazzara

      Walnut Creek FINALLY is doing “purple” parking meters for areas outside the immediate downtown area where you can park up to 10 hours and not worry about a parking ticket if you are patronizing a Walnut Creek business for more than one or two hours. This may have helped a business like this in their outskirts industrial type location.

    • Randy Janinda

      We aren’t leaving because of parking.

  • Mary Fouts

    Their website is already down. Poor location. Rent may have been cheaper, but the area has a car collision repair service vibe. How many people knew this brewery was even located there?

    To have a grand reopening a month ago, and shut down now, begs the Paul Harvey-style question: What is the rest to the story?

    • Downtown WC Resident

      You kinda spew hatey vibe here – and on – whenever you post…maybe the rest of the story is that small WC businesses are being screwed by high rents & the brewery wasn’t as profitable as anticipated. Let them close with some dignity, jeeze… I, for one, will miss the place & as a long-time resident of the area, I really wish MORE great local breweries, shops, restaurants, etc. would open shop – as opposed to the crap we’re seeing at the new Lyric & Agora monstrosities.

      • Mary Fouts

        “Hatey”? Nope, just being a realist. But thanks for noticing.

    • Randy Janinda

      You want the rest of the story? Here goes: 1) The website goes up and down based on traffic because it’s hosted on the lowest tier of AWS. Too many connections, the database crashes and we restart it. 2) My mother died in October of last year, just before our grand opening (which we canceled) and when we released our popular IPA named “Country Strong”. During that time my 10 year old said (in tears) “I was only 10, I didn’t even know her. This isn’t fair”. 3) Our eldest son (who now serves in the Army and lives in GA) had 2 babies, both ended up in NICU, the second had a brain stint 4) We have 3 parents left and don’t know how many days they have left with them. So, Mary, now you know, the rest of the story.

      • Downtown WC Resident

        *Randy drops mike on Mary Fouts*

      • Nick

        As a parent of identical twins who spent over two months each in the NICU, I have a good appreciation with how hard that can be. My wife and I were fortunate to have our parents be relatively local which made that time a bit easier. I’m certain your son will appreciate you being so much closer even if the babies are out of the NICU. Our family appreciates your son’s service.

  • givebeerachance

    Sad, but not totally unexpected. I was secretly hoping their wholesale business was supporting the Taproom to keep this cool spot afloat. I do love the beer – much purer vis a vis the “other” brewery in WC that while popular seems a bit gimmicky to me. And the Crowler machine….so cool. Best wishes, and keep on brewing!

    • Randy Janinda


  • Nick

    While I personally wasn’t a huge fan of their original beer lineup, I definitely enjoyed the vibe and was looking forward to trying their new ones. Losing a unique local place is a bummer, and I hope they continue to brew in the South.

    • Randy Janinda

      Thanks, Nick. The beers have gotten *waaaay* better. We are currently working on getting Farm Creek beers in the south. Cheers!

      • Nick

        That’s good to hear. I get out to Charlotte a lot for work (talk about a city with a developing microbrew seen) and would love to see you guys on tap at Carolina Ale House one day. Good luck!

  • Harold Toledo

    Huge fan and sad to see them leave the Creek. The city didn’t help early on and really dragged out the brewery construction. Randy at least didn’t take it sitting down and posted their communications on social media. It looked like the city is used to extorting small business. Farm Creek was a breath of fresh air in the Bay Area, a place that purports to value “diversity of thought and expression” so highly. I’d take Randy and Farm Creek any day over the pajama boys at certain other breweries in the East Bay!

  • Mary Fouts

    As for the “rest of the story” if i anyone would have spent a minute to look this up as I did several days ago, you will find that Janinda has a lien (2016) via the California Franchise Tax Board. Unpaid taxes. So clearly the business – or some other venture – was profitable. Not cool to escape the state and stick your unpaid tax debt/tax lien on the rest of us here.

    • Yikes ahootie