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Downtown Walnut Creek gets New Solar Powered Garbage Bins

Thanks to a reader for sending the above photo. Another reader sent via email:

Crews were out Tuesday morning replacing all of the trash cans in downtown Walnut Creek.

Out are the green circular ones… in are the solar powered ones that only open in front… & compact the trash every hour or so.  There are also new recycling bins.

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  • Gina Romantica

    Sounds like a good way to get rid of a weapon or crime evidence. What was the point?

    • Yikes ahootie

      Well, that could have happened with the old bins, really.

      • Now they compact the trash, though. Who knows what kind of evidence can get mangled.

        • swishyhair

          What a ridiculous reason to be negative about a positive development.

          • Sorry, my tone wasn’t as clear in text as it was in my head – I was being about 80% sarcastic. Less garbage on the streets is good.

    • Tim E

      I think the point is compacting trash cans should keep things cleaner and neater on the sidewalks as well as reduce the number of times the trash needs to be picked up, which in itself is more cost effective over the long run….along the lines of reporting graffiti and responding immediately with the cleaning and painting.
      As swishyhair notes, a positive development

    • WC Wacko

      Finally, a place to dump all the bodies! My downtown condo is getting cramped…

  • This is the most Walnut Creek news I’ve seen all day.