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Details on Neiman Marcus Cafe in Walnut Creek

Check out the contemporary design of the Walnut Creek Neiman Marcus Cafe opening next Friday. Ever since I noted that the Neiman Marcus Cafe had applied to sell alcoholic beverages a couple of months ago, interest has been growing with people inquiring about reservations and other details. I spoke with the manager of the Walnut Creek Neiman Marcus Cafe and learned that they will not be taking reservations until March 24th. Until then it will be first come, first served. However there will be pagers available so you can walk around the store while waiting for your table. I really want to try one of the famous Neiman Marcus popovers.

Hours of Operation
M-F: 10 – 7
SAT: 10 – 6
SUN: 11 – 5

Phone Number

So if you’re thinking about checking out the cafe within the next couple of weeks, head straight to the cafe, get signed in, and you’ll get a pager so you can check out the rest of the store while you’re waiting for a table to open up. And let us know how it was if you go!